The management company RBI PM is a professional hotel operator. The company's task is to create the most comfortable conditions for accommodation of business tourists and introduction new standards in the accommodation market for employees.

RBI PM is part of RBI Holding. RBI realizes residential and commercial real estate projects, being a recognized leader in the segment of elite housing and business class housing in St. Petersburg. Since 2018, the company has been developing its own chain of apart-hotels.

For us, the business is always led by the client and his needs. Since we create a "home away from home", that is to say, we give all our guests an opportunity to forget about the inconveniences of temporary housing. A large number of non-standard layouts allows everyone to choose the apartment to their liking: with bay windows, high ceilings or ergonomic and compact. All services: from breakfast or organization of excursions can be ordered at the touch of a button on the phone. All our employees have many years of experience in leading hotel chains and know what personal service is for each guest. The key word for us is Empathy, which allows us to anticipate your expectations.
Karina Shalnova
Director of RBI PM


Address: 191036, St. Petersburg, 2 Sovetskaya 4B building 1
Phones: +7 (812) 303 61 11


INN 7801359891/ KPP 780101001
Address: 22, Maly pr., V.O., St. Petersburg, 199004, Literature A, pom. 1-Н
Phones: +7 (812) 303 61 11

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